Grow Supplies In-Store Pick up or Delivery

Go shopping online and get free shipping. Get your needed hydro supplies online, then come down to the Grow Show in our Ann Arbor location to pick up your order. We’ll put it in your car for you!

Grow Supplies In-Store Pick up or Delivery

Smart Pot Growing Method and Advantages

I’m Darren at the Grow Show in Ann Arbor, Michigan and I’m here to talk to you about Smart Pot Aeration Containers. Smart Pots provide an excellent alternative to traditional container gardening by concentrating on healthy root development though aeration. Watch our Smart Pot Growing Video to learn more.

How to Use EZ Clone

Learn how the EZ Cloner works with a detailed description from Alex at the Grow Show. What this is going to do is lightly mist the bottom of the plant. In seven to ten days, you are going to have roots. Watch the video to learn more.

Organic Hydroponic Growing Tips

Ryan from the Grow Show Michigan explains benefits of using organic hydroponic growing elements to create a micro colony for maximum nutrient uptake.

Grow Light Lumatek Ballast Review

Lumatek ballasts are very efficient. They are dimmable and overdrivable and offer many benefits to your plants. Starting with producing 20-30 percent more lumens. Watch this video to learn more.

Humboldt Nutrient Line – Explained in Detail

Darren here at the Grow Show talking about our conventional Humboldt 3 part program, consisting of your Grow, Micro and Bloom. From the basics you move from your basics to your additives. Watch the How to Use Humboldt Nutrient video for more info.

Need Help Getting Started?

Indoor growing supplies now available online. Our experienced staff can help you gather all the necessary equipment and hydroponics supplies you need to start growing with hydroponics at home immediately. Check out our informative instructional videos and articles for indoor gardens.

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