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For years, Heavy 16 Professional Plant Nutrient has been the preferred choice among elite growers across California. Now, this artisan-grade blend is available to growers around the world.

Heavy 16 breaks free from the hype and hassle of other nutrient lines and eliminates the need for excessive additives by utilizing only the highest-grade ingredients in the most scientifically advantageous formulation on the market.

Heavy 16 is powerful, yet simple. Heavy 16 is a complete two-part nutrient and features all of the essential macro and micro elements that plants require to produce maximum yields of unsurpassed quality.

Heavy 16 performs robustly in soil and hydroponic gardens alike. Used alone, Heavy 16 produces superior crops, but it can also be combined with organic stimulants, compost teas, enzymes, hormones and microbial inoculants for fantastic crop customization.

Heavy 16 is hand-brewed in micro-batches to ensure quality and freshness and each ingredient is refined to ensure purity and consistency. Heavy 16 is committed to this artisanal approach to quality nutrient production. Based on our phenomenal results and customer feedback, we wouldn't have it any other way.

A word from Bryce Patterson, Founder of Heavy 16

Some of my earliest memories of growing up in Orange, California are working with my father on our family soil garden every day. I was always excited to discover new fruits and vegetables sprouting as a result of our hard, but enjoyable, work. By the time I was a teenager, I knew I had a passion that extended beyond simple gardening and that I wanted to pursue a career in agriculture, exploring new frontiers in plant science.

This passion led me to Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo where I earned my degree in Agricultural/Horticultural Science. After spending years working for various agribusinesses, I began to formulate my own nutrient based on the demands of many local farmers that I had befriended throughout my lifetime. My goal was to create a nutrient system that would be founded on hard science and not the marketing hype that was beginning to dominate the high-end specialty gardening field.

Many large growers I knew were disillusioned by over complicated and under-performing nutrient regimens found in their local grow stores. I was quickly compelled to create a line of nutrient that would stand apart from the rest.

I based Heavy 16 on a few simple principals:

Use only the Highest Grade Ingredients
Keep the formulation simple, but incredibly potent
Use micro-batch mixing techniques to ensure total quality control and peak freshness

It wasn't long before word was spreading throughout California that Heavy 16 nutrient was producing massive yields of top-grade crops for serious growers. I quickly began getting more requests for custom batches of Heavy 16 and eventually decided to make it available to the growers across the country. The feedback has been phenomenal and I couldn't be happier that my life's work is helping so many people get the results they've been striving for.

I encourage you to try Heavy 16 on your next crop. You will see the difference. I am always available to answer any questions you may have. You can email me at info@heavy16.com or call me at 877-YO-HEAVY (964-3289).

Bryce Patterson
Founder, Heavy 16

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