Smart Pots

Hi I'm Haley at the Grow Show in Ann Arbor, Michigan and I'm here to talk to you about Smart Pot Aeration Containers. Smart Pots provide an excellent alternative to traditional container gardening by concentrating on healthy root development though aeration. Smart Pots also aid in drainage and the temperature of the root zone. The fabric walls of the Smart Pot make the roots naturally prune themselves and provide great support for your plant. The roots continue to grow from within the plant as they prune themselves with no restriction to plant growth. The bigger your root, the bigger your fruit. On an average 80 degree day, in a typical black container, your roots can get to over 120 degrees & suffocates your plants. With Smart Pots, the fabric allows the roots to remain at a cooler temperature, akin to your environment and allows breeze to get to your roots. With Smart Pots, water drains from all walls of the pot, not just out small holes in the bottom. This allows for easy flushing and water. Smart Pots are less fragile and drains far better when compared with clay or ceramic containers.