Botanicare has provided a variety of premium natural and organic liquid fertilizers, environmentally sustainable growing media, and strong, durable plastic trays, reservoirs, and hydroponic systems. Botanicare also strives each day to reduce its carbon footprint and has built a solar powered facility to produce all of its plastic products. In recent developments, Botanicare has launched two new plant rooting products…Rhizo Gel and Rhizo Blast!

Not just another cloning gel, Rhizo Gel was engineered from scratch with proprietary ingredients and tested extensively in field trials and the greenhouses at Botanicare. Rhizo Gel promotes initial root growth on new cuttings, allowing easy absorption of the plant rooting hormone IBA. The addition of Vitamin B1 and a light nutrient charge reduces stress and strengthens your delicate cuttings while antiseptic components ensure a sterile and clean wound for quick healing. Rhizo Gel can be used effectively in any hydroponic cloning application, and, to stay consistent with Botanicare’s natural path, there are no artificial dyes or colorings in the product.
Now that you have successfully produced roots on your new cuttings with Rhizo Gel, make the switch to Botanicare’s rooting concentrate Rhizo Blast! Rhizo Blast is designed to build root mass with lush, stacked foliage, and dramatically outperforms other rooting supplements. The formula contains a blend of seaweed, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, sugars, trace minerals, saponins, and the single celled green microalgae, Chlorella. This particular form of Chlorella is the active key ingredient in Rhizo Blast, and is cultivated specifically for Botanicare. Chlorella has historically been used in human food supplements because of its amino acids, carbohydrates, and fat content. In addition, because of its fat content it has also been utilized in the “bio-oils” industry. Only recently, however, has the value of Chlorella been researched and documented as a plant fertilizer. Its abundance of amino acids, carbohydrates, vitamins, and plant growth hormones, all contribute to its value in hydroponics, specifically helping to produce an abundant root mass. Similar to Rhizo Gel, Rhizo Blast can also be used with any growing medium or hydroponic system. So, don’t hesitate! Give your roots a blast with Rhizo Blast! Earlier I mentioned that Botanicare produces high quality, long lasting BPA free plastic growing trays. Now, I’d like to explain the 3 different models currently available…the ID, OD, and LT. First, the ID model stands for “Inside Dimension,” which denotes the true growing area of the tray from inside sidewall to sidewall, and is offered in both white and black. All ID premium white trays are formed with a 7” deep sidewall and an outer virgin plastic cap that resists U.V. degradation and staining to accommodate larger root masses, taller containers, and deeper saturation. Also, the unique rounded drainage channels simplify cleaning while corner gussets allow for greater support
Next, we have the OD or “Outside Dimension” tray. This model sits in the precise footprint that their name suggests, meaning that the size of the tray is measured from outside sidewall to sidewall. The OD trays are geared for compact spots that require precisely measured footprints, which make them a perfect fit into all growing tents on the market. This model is available in black ABS plastic, and is formed with rigid durability and a diagonal drainage grid that directs water toward drainage fittings making cleaning simple and easy.Last, Botanicare offers their most economical and affordable model, the LT or “Low Tide” tray. The LT tray is a perfect match for growers who need just a little something to put underneath their plants. Similar to the OD tray, the LT model fits the same footprint as its growing area and features diagonal drainage grids to direct water out of the tray. However, with a 3 and a half inch depth, the tray is designed to help gardeners conserve their nutrient solution. Why pay for extra plastic when all you need is a little water catchment? The LT model is the perfect water management option for any type of hand watering or drain-to-waste watering techniques. I’m Haley with The Grow Show in Ann Arbor. Make sure you stop in today and let our experts walk you through Botanicare’s entire product line to help customize just the right program for you. Thanks for joining us and happy gardening!