One of the leading, most popular brand names in the hydroponic world is General Hydroponics. Lawrence Brooke founded General Hydrponics over 35 years ago with inspiration from thriving plants beside a mountain stream. By the 1970s, Lawrence then teamed with botanists and chemists to develop Gh’s legendary PH stability nutrients. GH is renown for their robust simple to expert feeding schedule with consistent stable nutrient formulas. In hydroponics, the plant roots are constantly provided with all the water, oxygen and nutrients they need. Nutrient success is about the balance of N-P-K and micronutrients, and not excess of one or the other. The challenge for the grower is to keep up with the plants needs, and to avoid damaging it with either excesses or deficiencies of minerals. By using different combinations of FloraGro, FloraBloom and FloraMicro, the grower is able to fulfill the exact needs of the plant at each stage in the plants life cycle. FloraMicro, the foundation or "building block" of the Flora Series system, provides nitrogen and calcium as well as trace minerals, which are essential for a comprehensive hydroponic plant diet. By adding FloraGro to FloraMicro, the plant will receive additional nitrogen and potassium, which stimulates structural and foliar growth. To stimulate flower and fruit development, FloraBloom is added to provide the necessary phosphorus, potassium, magnesium and sulfur. This is what we call the basic “three part” nutrient program. As a gardener excels with practice, its easier to balance these elements and then more additives can be included for the plant to further thrive. This is referred to as the expert feeding schedule. When used in combination with one of the many General Hydroponics systems, paves a road for garden success. As a leading industry company, GH not only manufactors hydroponic nutrients, they also produce complete aeroponic systems, air pumps, high quality organic plant nutrients, supplements, growing media, and run a 10 acre garden production facility in Sonoma County California, including massive greenhouses filled with vegetables and flowers all using current and future GH nutrients and garden systems! General Hydroponics is proud of its tradition of bringing nature and human technology together. Subscribe to the grow show youtube channel for detailed “how to” videos on each of these products and updates of new products. To learn which general hydroponics system and program is right for you, give us a call at 734-677-0009 or see our gh products online at